Tank Heads & Accessories

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Commercial Metal Forming operates three strategically located Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities allowing for the optimal geographic coverage of North America.

Hemispherical ASME Code:  usually a Propane market application in a variety of sizes/gauges. These are tanks storing liquids/gases under pressure.

2:1 Elliptical ASME Code: another style for tanks under medium pressures that can be made from steels of various carbon and stainless grades. The shape is optimum for increasing volume capacity of the tank.

ASME Code F&D: a flanged and dished style tank head for pressure (code) applications without additional volume application preferences. These are produced from a wide variety of steel substrates.

The scope of gauges and diameters for this application is very broad unlike the prior two code shapes.

Non-code Tank Head Styles:

  • Standard F&D – flanged and dished style tank head
  • Flange Only
  • Dished Only
  • Obround

Tank Head Accessories:

  • ASME Code Elliptical Handholes and Manways – ASME Section VIII Division I UG 11
  • Non-Pressure Manhole Frames and Covers – 3.5” or 7” (longneck)
  • Reverse Flanged Manhole Frames and Covers – 30” or 36”
  • Drop-Forged Weld Flanges – external product stock that is manufactured in accordance with UL, ASTM and ASME specifications. Conform to ASTM A105-80 and/or ASTM A181-80. All flanges in stock have NPTF threads.

Edge Specification:

For your tank head, we can supply:

  • Joggled head – up to 72” x .375”

    The joggle edge gives superior fit-up and ease of welding from the code joggle design. These applications are excellent for large volume production as well as small lots since the joggle design removes the need for a welding backing strip.

  • Beveled edge –

    A variety of dimensions are available in a square edge, inside bevel, outside bevel.