New Press Machinery

Our aspiration at Commercial Metal Forming is value-creation in everything we do.

For Commercial Metal Forming, Innovation is a people-thing first and foremost; with our team’s continued development and growth our opportunity to innovate becomes limitless. We have designed a Talent Management Process that is completely individualized; grounded in the fixation of one’s strengths and how to optimize those. The balancing component is a methodology that gauges tangible results in a variety of areas, creating a holistic landscape of personal and professional development.

This developmental methodology stimulates the dialogue of “just suppose” in evaluating both known needs in the market, but more importantly helping our customers, our internal teams and supply partners defining their unmet needs.

So, Innovation drives the investment in our people and then external invest in our customers. Commercial Metal Forming is uniquely positioned to successfully execute in both of those strategic realms in support of the pressure vessel tank market.

Our engineering expertise, complimented by unrivaled manufacturing excellence, is truly a competitive advantage for our customer in the pressure vessel tank segment and non-code tank market. We work in numerous capacities for a variety of markets; from the design aspect of the appropriate style of the tank head, new product development, identifying the real unmet need operationally and raw material options. In numerous ways, we become an extension of our customer’s operation, supporting their success.