CMF Processes & Capabilities

An integral part of Commercial Metal Forming’s value proposition is to leverage the right process and economics for your tank head application. It’s not about getting an order, it’s about creating value for you, our client, so we, together can be successful.

Employee operating machine
Machine moving tank head
Employee operating machine

Our capabilities in the production of tank heads are the broadest in the industry. We have multiple manufacturing processes that allow for the selection of the optimum economic process for your application. We can choose from Die-Formed Cold or Bump & Spun processes.

Commercial’s diameter range is 4” to 300” with the unique ability to go up to 72” by .500” thickness in die-formed cold—unrivaled in the tank head industry.

Die Formed Cold Tank Head

Bar none, this is single largest opportunity for products 72” and below, up to .500” in gauge, changing the game in your selection of a tank head partner. CMF is the only tank head producer that can make 72” OD x .500” tank head in die formed cold application; many of these converted applications were previously bump & spun or not hot-formed. We commonly produce a variety of .500” thick heads: 66” OD, 60” OD, 54” OD, and 48” OD, as well other diameters.

Our equipment consists of a variety of large and small bed presses (up to 2,000 tons) along with cellular manufacturing that goes from coil to a formed and joggled head package. We have engineered redundant capabilities for our presses to allow for optimum manufacturing flexibility.

Our capabilities for Die Formed Cold Tanks: 4”-72” in diameter x .059” - .500”.

Dished and Flanged Tank Head

Also commonly referred to bump and spun, allows for significant manufacturing diversity since the process is not dependent on periods of tooling setup.

From and equipment vantage point, our presses allow us to dish heads up to 300” in diameter, at a max of 1.50” in gauge. This Dished & Flanged head product is available in varying sizes from all three CMF facilities.

Hot-formed Tank Head

For applications requiring high pressures, Commercial can handle tank heads up to 48” at a material thickness of 2” max.