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Most organizations put massive Mission/Vision statements in this part of their web site because no one can remember what they are.

We keep it simple – first and foremost, everything starts and ends with our people. We believe that for an organization to be successful, there must be alignment of values, principles, and purpose.

Our Culture is built around the commitment to accept the responsibility to try and help every person we touch be successful. We embrace it.

This is a holistic approach for the complete individual, as well as the entire organization. It does not suggest, only when our people are at work – only customers/suppliers, but rather things we need to take home with us.

Our Values are an extension of our purpose and culture; never compromised. We value the human decency of the individual and help them strive to be exceptional. With that drive, comes personal responsibility; we own our actions. We invest in our people first, as well as in our business, allowing for the opportunity to accomplish what we cannot yet conceive.

Safety is both an extension and a component of our culture/purpose/values. an interwoven relationship. Everyone at Commercial Metal Forming is responsible for safety. it is not an operations issue. The entire organization participates in monthly safety meetings. which reinforces our safety philosophy, driven by our culture, we are responsible for the safety of every person with whom we interact.