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Custom Stampings

Custom StampingsOur expertise is in heavy gauge and deep-drawn stampings in up to 2,000 ton presses.

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Three facilities with redundant die forming and bump & spin operations to better serve and provide back-up capabilities.

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CertificationsOur Youngstown, Ohio facility is ISO 9001 Certified, and our Saginaw, Texas and Orange, California facilities are ASME U Stamp Certified.

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About Us

Commercial Metal Forming (CMF) has its origin as a business unit of Commercial Shearing and Stamping. Since 1920, it has evolved into the major US supplier of tank heads and tank accessories for a wide variety of markets, including air receivers, petrochemical, LP Gas, oil field, construction equipment, rail and truck transportation, oil and gas separation, food processing, and filtration. In addition, Commercial Metal Forming has become a major supplier to the Class 8 Truck market, producing custom stampings for major truck axle manufacturers. Our former parent, Commercial Intertech, was purchased by Parker Hannifin in 2000. Feeling that metal stamping was not part of their core business development plan, Parker sold the division to Metal Technology Solutions in 2001.

Through the years, Commercial's stamping business continued to grow. Over 40,000 die components are currently used to manufacture circular tank head shapes. As a result, Commercial standardized shapes, diameters, and thicknesses to better serve its key markets. Improved processes, including joggling and beveling, helped major customers reduce their manufacturing time, cut costs, and improve quality. The custom stamping portion of the business also continued to grow by adding product lines which include medical chair and instrument bases, valve actuator and diaphragm covers, lawn mower decks, and commercial dishwasher components. Our current TS-16949 operating system creates many opportunities for Commercial to become the supplier of choice for many complex stampings and assemblies.

A major reason for Commercial's success in the tank head market place was the ability and foresight to add regional distribution to the company's marketing strategy. With four strategically located distribution centers nationwide, Commercial now offers over 400 different tank head and tank accessory items to over 3000 different customers.

The growth of the tank head business was accelerated by two key acquisitions. In 1980, Orange County Metal Works became part of Commercial. This acquisition met the company's objectives of adding West coast manufacturing and stocking capabilities and greatly expanding Commercial's product lines to include large tank head production (up to 300" in diameter) and ASME code hand holes and manways. Hall F&D was added in 1995 to expand Commercial's presence in the growing Texas and Gulf-coast oil field and petrochemical markets. This acquisition enabled Commercial to supply larger dished and flanged heads to the Southeast, Midwest, and Eastern markets at very competitive pricing.

Many things have changed since 1920, but the most important aspects of Commercial remain the same. Commercial Metal Forming is COMMITTED to be the customer-lead, quality-driven leader of custom stampings and assemblies in the heavy truck component industry and in the ASME Code and non-code tank head and accessories market segments. Our OBJECTIVE is achieved by meeting or exceeding our customer expectations via quality products, on-time delivery, and continuous improvement.

The best is yet to come at Commercial Metal Forming as we strive to be AHEAD OF THE CURVE. Commercial currently offers "CMF WEB EXPRESS", an online order management system that allows current and future customers to check stock, order parts, get updated delivery information, copy material test reports, and track shipments, all ONLINE. CMFORMING.COM is the place to go for all of your tank head and tank accessory requirements.